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"Creativity and Problem Solving"

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"Creativity and Problem Solving" has been my company statement since 1982. I have been a published writer, composer, and artist since the 1970s, and I have produced more than 1,500 copyrights in 20 areas of the sciences and arts. This includes not only my original science, but also my art gallery, music, literature, and computer software, as well as other projects I have completed over the years. The links below will give you a few quick references to the library.


True Worth Studies

The World of Athletic Performance

True Worth Studies
True Worth

Software, True Worth Analysis,
Football Playbook,

True Worth Studies came to be in 1985. It is the examination of all athletic performance, although the focus has been mainly football since the beginning. Explaining how football works is what True Worth does best. While the principles of playing football are unique to the sport itself, the origin of the analytical examination I devised is "The Principle of Mathematical Context," which I devised in 1985 concerning any and all mathematical supposition.

Science Projects

At the Confluence of
Quantum Mechanics and Relativity

Main Science Page

Starlight: Solving Wave-Particle Duality
Specifically for the Photon and
Establishing Natural Redshift

Objective Reality

Resolving 2 contradictions in relativity, defining 2 terms Einstein did not define, balancing Einstein's equations so you will not get infinity at light speed, clarifying Einstein's conjecture, and solving wave-particle duality specifically for the photon, all of this is a part of the science work I have done. I have been taking my original work to universities for a federal science grant. The photon and the graviton are two unique particles unlike the hadrons or the leptons which govern the atom.

Music Collection

Many Years of Music Composition
and Research

Main Music Page

Music Services
Are Available

A good portion of my life has been dedicated to music, and this is displayed within the pages of this web site. Music taught me patience, since playing the piano took practice.

Anything within the realm of music and composition, primarily in the harmonic sphere, has been of interest to me for quite some time. The opus list is only a portion of my involvement over time. About the only thing I have not done is conduct a symphony orchestra.



Original Software for Windows Systems


Total Price: $49.00

This unique program with a Dashboard of 7 encryption methods also gives you a way to devise your own code within the program. You can send hard copy messages, or you can send e-mail messages by attachment.

JVP-Time, a program which automatically gives you the correct time in many locations, is included with the purchase. Virtually unbreakable code for all of your business or personal needs. Export outside the USA is limited to the countries allowed by the Code of Federal Regulations. Contact me before any purchase is made, so that I can verify your country of origin.

Freeware Available

Original Software for Windows Systems

Freeware | Chess Football

JVP-Calendar | JVP-Stats

No limitations

These are not free trials. They are genuine freeware products. A number of them are no longer updated or supported, but they are all in working order for Windows. All programs can still be downloaded without contacting me.

JVP-Calendar, JVP-Stats, and the JVP_Music_Alarm_Clock are all HTML programs which will work in any browser, regardless of your operating system. Chess Football is a game to be played on a real chess board.

Archived Software

Original Software for Windows Systems

JVP-Assembly JVP-Script JVP-SingAlong JVP-Coach JVP-Roster

Offense by the Book

Still Available

Although I am no longer actively marketing these programs, the archived copies will still work beautifully. I can make them available for you by request, if you contact me. All of the purchased programs must be validated before they can be used on your computer.

These are Windows programs and they use the .NET Framework libraries.

Not Too Old To Discover The Truth
Researching DNA in the Family Tree

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Original Software for Windows Systems
JVP-Assembly | JVP-Encrypt | JVP-Script | JVP-SingAlong
JVP-Coach | Offense by the Book


Freeware HTML Programs for All Systems
JVP-Calendar | JVP-Stats | JVP_Music_Alarm_Clock

The go2jvp web site uses html5 and css3

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