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JVP-Script is a dynamic word processor with many features.

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JVP-Script ToolBar

Two Windows:

Document Window
to build document,
write letters,
write scripts,
format productions
poetry or essays.

Notes Window
to view notes in a collective fashion, or one at a time. Copy and paste to the Document Window as needed.

KeyBoard Accessible, with a Print Preview that can show up to 6 pages at a time, or one large page at a time.

If you have a PDF printer, you can print directly to PDF.

Style Document:

Bold, Italic, Underline, Strikeout,

all Colors,
all Fonts,
all Sizes,

Highlight Text,
Alignment (L-C-R),
2-Column Format,
(1.0, 1.5, and 2.0),
Red Out,


Indent Selected Paragraph
0, 30, 60, 90, 180, 230, or Any Amount,
8-Space TAB,
a Choice of Regular Quotation Marks and Fancy Quotation Marks.

Automatic Insertion:

Any Image, scaled to 400 or 200 width,

Date, Address and Page Number with custom page numbers,

Page Break,
Greek Letters,
Section Character,
Superscript, Subscript,
Unique Characters,


Special tools for scripts, such as automatic insertion for characters, and insertion for stage or screen directions.

Active Hyperlink upon typing into the editor,
All Upper Case,
All Lower Case.

Handy Tools:

Zephyr Notes with Search Capability,
JVP-Script Calendar,
Word Count,
Make CD Label Utility,
8-Column Sort Utility,
2-Window Sort,

Make Envelopes, with Automatic Address Insertion, Transfer Document Window Text to your E-Mail Program.

Mail Merge with Mass Printing, Address Book, JVP-SpreadSheet and Calculator,

Document Search,
SpellCheck, a Look-Up Spelling Dictionary, and Find and Replace,

Direct Access to Videos and Movie Maker.


Rtf Editor Box: Although JVP-Script can do many things automatically for you, an editor box with Rtf editing capability is also available for those who know how to code for the Rich Text Format Specification. In other words, the best of both worlds is here with JVP-Script, allowing you to add more yourself to what is already available.

JVP-SpreadSheet Features: The spreadsheet program is much more than a spreadsheet. So, the plus features are listed here: Main Window Scientific and Statistical Calculator, Popup window calculators for Simple and Compound Interest, Time and Temperature Conversions, Quick Stroke Equations which perform the functions for your entries, Days Between 2 Dates, Automatic Banking and Accounting to balance your books, and Matrix Multiplication. Additionally, there are special templates to use for the spreadsheet program itself. The point of JVP-SpreadSheet is to enable you to put your tables and materials on one page, as wide as 12 columns, and 60 rows long.

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