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The Complete Opus Catalogue
231 Pieces of Music on this Page

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A Brief Biography

Born March 13, 1951, in Italy, I immigrated to the United States in 1953. I became a U.S. citizen in 1964. With the exception of the time period of January, 1984, to March, 1990, I have remained a U.S. citizen. I grew up in Erie, Pennsylvania, but I have lived in Arizona, California, the state of Washington, and in the state of New York.

I am primarily a self-taught musician, and I take pride in playing the piano. But, I take much more pride in composing the music. This Opus Catalogue will demonstrate the wide scope of my interests.

My background in music includes everything except conducting a symphony orchestra. I have written a textbook on 10,000 years of composition (what to compose, how to compose, and the history of music composition). Additionally, from 1990 to 1994, I was listed as an Expert Witness with the Defense Research and Trial Lawyers Association as a musicologist.

My favorite Italian song is "Santa Lucia." I have put together an arrangemnt in Bb for solo mandolin. Additionally, I have written an original English translation of the entire song, so that you can sing it fluently in English without torturing the language. You can see both the Italian and English translations of "Santa Lucia" at the following link below this.

My English Translation of "Santa Lucia"

The List of My Music Compositions


Symphony Number One
In G Major, Opus 61, 1979

Symphony Number Two
"The Death of Love Symphony"
In A Minor, Opus 88, 1984

Symphony Number Three
"The Rocky Mountain Symphony"
In F Major, Opus 108, 1985

Symphony Number Four
"The Savage Symphony"
In C# Major, Opus 130, 1986

Symphony Number Five
"Der Sieg der Freude"
In G Major, Opus 132. 1987

Symphony Number Six
"The Symphony Electrica"
In E Major, Opus 133, 1987

Symphony Number Seven
"Echoes From The Grave"
In D Major, Opus 151, 1989

Symphony Number Eight
"Lion and Honey"
Ancient and Modern Modes, Opus 162, 1991

Piano Concertos

Piano Concerto Number One
"Per la Buena Vita"
In Ab Major, Opus 94, 1984

Piano Concerto Number Two
"A Concerto for Winter"
In Bb Major, Opus 129, 1986

Violin Concertos

Violin Concerto Number One
In D Major, Opus 1, 1978
(Both orchestra & piano versions)

Violin Concerto Number Two
In D Major, Opus 2, 1982
(Both orchestra & piano versions)

String Quartets

String Quartet Number One
"Per le Quattro Ventos"
In E Major, Opus 95, 1984
(The Gross Quartet)

String Quartet Number Two
"Beachbums and Bibliotheques"
In D Major, Opus 131, 1986

String Quartet Number Three
"Mohave Manuscript"
In Bb Minor, Opus 180, 1991

String Quartet Number Four
In G Minor, Opus 182, 1991

String Quartet Number Five
"The Civil War Quartet"
In A Major, Opus 225, 2004

String Quartet Number Six
Traditional Twelve Tone Composition
In C Major, Opus 231, 2016

Piano Sonatas

Piano Sonata Number One
In Eb Major, Opus 78, 1977

Piano Sonata Number Two
In A Minor, Opus 79, 1977

Piano Sonata Number Three
In C Major, Opus 80, 1977

Piano Sonata Number Four
In F# Major, Opus 81, 1977

Piano Sonata Number Five
In B Major, Opus 82, 1977

Piano Sonata Number Six
"Baghdad Sonata"
In A Minor, Opus 164, 1991

Piano Sonata Number Seven
In G Major, Opus 165, 1991

Piano Sonata Number Eight
"Three Burials"
In Bb Minor, Opus 170, 1991

The Mozartian Sonatinas
(#9, #10 & #11)

Piano Sonata Number Nine
In C Major, Opus 184, 1992

Piano Sonata Number Ten
In G Major, Opus 185, 1992

Piano Sonata Number Eleven
In C Major, Opus 186, 1992

Violin Sonatas

Violin Sonata Number One
"The Advent of Spring"
(With piano accompaniment)
In F Major, Opus 166, 1991

String Trios

String Trio Number One
In G Major, Opus 54, 1983

(Twelve Tone Compositions Are Described as
the Chromatic of the "0" Origin)

Twelve Tone Variations

"Requiem for Twelve Tones"
In C Major, Opus 228, 2006

Traditional Twelve Tone Compositions

"Clarinet Solo"
In C Major, Opus 229, 2015

"Duet for Two Violins"
In C Major, Opus 230, 2015


"The Hesitation Waltz"
In C Major, Opus 3, 1977

"The Waltz of Racine"
In Bb Major, Opus 4, 1977

"The Waltz of the Goat"
In A Major, Opus 5, 1977

"The E Minor Waltz"
In E Minor, Opus 46, 1983

"Waltz in G Major"
In G Major, Opus 52, 1977

"The 5th Avenue Waltz"
In D Minor, Opus 64, 1979

"The C Minor Waltz"
In C Minor, Opus 70, 1979

"Highlander Waltz"
In C Major, Opus 201, 1993

"The Laughing Waltz"
In A Major, Opus 205, 1993

"The Birthday Waltz"
In C Major, Opus 212, 1993


"The Invitation"
(Composed as 3 suites)

"The Suite of the Veil"
In D Major, Opus 148, 1988

"The Visitation Suite"
In D Minor, Opus 149, 1988

"The Misconception Suite"
In D Major, Opus 150, 1988


"Trois Jours de Paris"
(In Both French & English Translations)
Contains Opus Numbers 109 through 127, 1985

Overture, Background Score, Major Dance Number, and a Finale
With 15 Arias Included

The Arias

"How Can It Be?" (A Major)
"Passion Speaks Many Tongues" (D Minor)
"Guilty Am I" (A Major)
"How Many Times?" (A Minor)
"Three Men, One Woman" (G Major)
"A Man Who Fears Only Love" (G Major)
"This Way and That" (C Major)
"A Day To Remember" (A Minor)
"I Made Love to the One I Should Have Just Loved" (A Minor)
"My Grandson Would Be My Son's Half-Brother" (A Minor)
"For Only A Moment" (A Minor)
"My Love Wasn't A Lie" (A Major)
"My Love's the Only Real Love" (A Major)
"Child's Play" (A Major)
"What A Relief" (A Major)



"Four Hands"
(Duet for two pianos)
In C Major, Opus 87, 1984

Symphonic Suites

"The Evolution of the Gods"
In C Major, Opus 30, 1972


Quintet Number One
"Farewell To Dark Skies"
In G Major, Opus 213, 1994


Sextet Number One
In Bb Major, Opus 227, 2004

Solo Examinations of Instruments

Songs for Flute (C Major), Clarinet (A Major)
Trumpet (Bb Major), Viola (A Minor), and Cello (C Major)
Opus Numbers 103 Through 107, 1985


"Piano Speed Exercise"
In C Major, Opus 76, 1972

Musicals for the Stage

"Life After Life"
(Musical Comedy, 3 Acts, 14 Songs, 1987)


"Life After Life" (C Major)
"I Walked Up The Stairs To Heaven" (C Major)
"Only Half Of Me Came To Heaven" (C Major)
"I Died Before I had A Chance To Date" (C Major)
"Heaven Must Be Such A Lonely Place" (C Major)
"I Can't Wait 'Til I'm Happy" (C Major)
"If The Good Old Days Were So Good, Why Aren't They Here Anymore?" (C Major)
"Separate Clouds, Separate Vacations" (C Major)
"Crossing The Bridge To Heaven" (C Major)
"The Great Hunting Ground" (C Major)
"Ah, So-So" (C Major)
"You'll Get Your Wings" (C Major)
"Welcome To Heaven" (C Major)
"Isn't It Heavenly?" (C Major)

Contains Opus Numbers 134 Through 147


"The Wrong Shore At The Right Time"
(Musical Comedy, 3 Acts, 10 Songs, 1990)


"A Seaman Has His Limits" (C Major)
"Reasonable Men" (G Major)
"The World Is Round" (G Major)
"Columbus And His Men Are Here" (C Major)
"I've Found This Shore Of Heaven Under Skies That Bid Me Well" (A Minor)
"Don't Mess With The Medicine Man" (C Major)
"The Cook's Medicine" (C Major)
"I Can Be Thin" (F Major)
"Buy Me San Salvador" (A Major)
"Hail, Hail, Columbus" (G Major)

Contains Opus Numbers 152 Through 161


"Flavius and Gabriella"
(Musical Comedy, 1 Act, 3 Songs and Reprises, 1991)


"Flavius and Gabriella Theme" (D Major)
(With reprises)
"Say Good-bye" (Db Major)
(With solos and reprises)
"Home Again" (Db Major)
(With reprises)

Contains Opus Numbers 171 Through 173



"Song for Ludwig"
In B Major, Opus 18, 1977

Pieces For Solo Piano

"Variations on a Theme of Bach"
(Prelude in C)
In C Major, Opus 29, 1972

"Db Souflette"
In Db Major, Opus 33, 1982

"The A Minor Run"
In A Minor, Opus 45, 1977

"Cowgirl Eyes"
In F Major, Opus 55, 1983

"A Little Tennis"
In A Major, Opus 56, 1982

"Spanish Daydreams"
In G Major, Opus 57, 1983

In B Major, Opus 58, 1983

"Running Through The Fog"
In F Major, Opus 59, 1983

In F Major, Opus 60, 1982

"Forward To The Mountain"
In F Major, Opus 96, 1985

"Babyface Rag"
In G Major, Opus 167, 1991

"Nordic Sea Rover"
In Ab Major, Opus 168, 1991

"The Skies of May"
In E Major, Opus 169, 1991

"Full Moon Rhapsody"
(Prelude in C, Bach Variation)
In C Major, Opus 174, 1991

"Coy Boy Rag and Shuffle"
In C Major, Opus 175, 1991

"Eb Serenade"
In Eb Major, Opus 176, 1991

"Tightrope Rag"
In G Major, Opus 177, 1991

"Sunday Morning Rag"
In G Major, Opus 178, 1991

"Hillbilly Bach"
In G Major, Opus 179, 1991

"Twilight on the Parkside Blues"
In G Minor, Opus 181, 1991

"Hey, You"
In F# Major, Opus 199, 1993

"When November Comes"
In C Major, Opus 202, 1993

"Suite for Piano"
In E Major, Opus 203, 1993

"Of Thoughts So Grand"
In Ab Major, Opus 208, 1993

"Variations on Beethoven's Minuet in G"
In G Major, Opus 211, 1993

"Bagatelle in B"
In B Major, Opus 214, 1994

"If I Could Fly"
In C Major, Opus 216, 1994

Folk Traditions

"Variations on Ancient Folk Songs"

Number One
In G Major, Opus 187, 1992

Number Two
In G Major, Opus 188, 1992

Number Three
In F# Major, Opus 189, 1992

Number Four
In G Major, Opus 190, 1992

Number Five
In A Minor, Opus 191, 1992
"Irish Festival"
In E Major, Opus 209, 1993

Pieces For Piano Or Band

"I'm Having A Wonderful Time"
In G Major, Opus 27, 1982

In Eb Major, Opus 28, 1982

"The Chromatic"
In E Major, Opus 31, 1979

In Bb Major, Opus 32, 1982

"Morning Sun"
In Ab Major, Opus 47, 1977

"The Time Train Runneth"
(Waiting for 21)
In C Minor, Opus 49, 1972

"I've Got To Get Out In The Yard"
In F Major, Opus 51, 1977

"Lucky Strike"
In G Major, Opus 53, 1977

"Crush Me If You Can, Sang The Piano"
In A Minor, Opus 62, 1972

"Write Me A Letter"
In C Major, Opus 71, 1977

"Frank Is Back In Town"
In C# Minor, Opus 72, 1977

"E Minor"
(Also with Phrygian Variation)
In E Minor, Opus 73, 1977

"Dance in G Minor"
In G Minor, Opus 74, 1978

"G Major"
In G Major, Opus 77, 1977

"Why Does The Sky Feel So Blue?"
In A Minor, Opus 84, 1984

"Move It Out"
In A Minor, Opus 85, 1984

"Happy Feet"
In F Major, Opus 86, 1984

"The Last Time"
In Ab Major, Opus 98, 1985

"Nightingale Jam"
In Db Major, Opus 200, 1993

"Rush Hour On The Sidewalk"
In A Minor, Opus 207, 1993

"Ol' Ross"
In F# Major, Opus 210, 1993

"Rocket Mechanics"
In G Major, Opus 215, 1994

Musical Singles
Voice and Accompaniment, Piano or Band

(Lyrical works in classical, classical jazz, jazz, rock, country, folk, humor & blues)

"I'm Feeling Like A Rainbow"
In C Major, Opus 6, 1982

"California Bound"
In C Major, Opus 7, 1982

"Detroit Woman"
In A Major, Opus 8, 1982

"How About A Piece Of That Pie, Sweetheart?"
In G Major, Opus 9, 1982

"The Once I Can't Forget"
In F Major, Opus 10, 1980

"Sealed In Blues"
In Bb Major, Opus 11, 1978

"So Many Colors"
In C Major, Opus 12, 1979

"In Love With You"
In G Major, Opus 13, 1977

"Have Fun"
In Bb Major, Opus 14, 1977

"One More Song For You"
In C Major, Opus 15, 1979

"Give Me Just One Kiss"
In C Major, Opus 16, 1979

"Could I Call You Sometime?"
In C Major, Opus 17, 1978

"The Elusive Heart"
In C Major, Opus 19, 1982

"Still Not Over You"
In F Major, Opus 20, 1982

"Under My Umbrella"
In G Major, Opus 21, 1982

"Letters of Love"
In C Major, Opus 22, 1982

(She Sends Me) "Blue Arrows"
In Bb Major, Opus 23, 1982

"Where Did My Love Go?"
In A Minor, Opus 24, 1982

"Sunshine, Be Mine"
In C Major, Opus 25, 1983

"Ode to Murphy's Law"
In C Major, Opus 26, 1982

"Your Second Song"
In C Major, Opus 34, 1980

"Her Eyes"
In F Major, Opus 35, 1978

"I'll Never Love Again"
In C Minor, Opus 36, 1979

"Rebuttal For Love"
In C Major, Opus 37, 1980

"Lost In A Fire"
In F Major, Opus 38, 1970

"Wasn't I Supposed To Be In Love By Now?"
In D Minor, Opus 39, 1979

"It Isn't That Way At All"
In D Minor, Opus 40, 1982

"My Girlfriend Went To Hollywood"
In F# Minor, Opus 41, 1977

"Why Get Married And Spoil Our Love?"
In C Major, Opus 42, 1982

"Too Bad, Tom"
In D Major, Opus 43, 1982

"The Rest Of Your Life"
In F Minor, Opus 44, 1979

"I Love Myself"
In F Major, Opus 69, 1983

"Willow Watch"
In F Major, Opus 83, 1980

"Cheesecake Don't Make Me Smile"
In C Major, Opus 89, 1984

"It's Time To Go"
In Bb Major, Opus 90, 1984

"Just A Step Away"
In D Major, Opus 91, 1984

"One Hundred Kisses From Now"
In F Major, Opus 92, 1984

"Oh, Carol"
In C Major, Opus 93, 1984

"She Didn't Want Me"
In G Major, Opus 97, 1985

In D Major, Opus 99, 1985

"Half Of My Blues Are Yours"
In C Minor, Opus 100, 1985

"I Wrote A Letter"
In B Major, Opus 101, 1985

"When You Get To Where You Want To Be,
You'll Find There's Someplace Else You Want To Go"
In C Major, Opus 102, 1985

"Say So"
In G Major, Opus 163, 1991

"A Grave For A Cradle"
In F Major, Opus 204, 1993

Scores For Motion Picture & Television Scripts

For "The Truth About Eden" Script

"Come With Me"
In G Minor, Opus 50, 1982

"Song of Demian and Veronna"
In D Minor, Opus 65, 1982

"To God Almighty, Our Creator"
In G Major, Opus 66, 1973


For "The Comic's Hour" TV Series

"Theme From The Comic's Hour"
In C Major, Opus 128, 1986


For "Out of the Thundering Silence" Script

In E Major, Opus 68, 1983


For "The Western Heart" Script

"Tucker's Song"
(On Home Again)
In C# Major, Opus 183, 1992

"O'er A Fire I've Built For Two"
In Eb Major, Opus 217, 1995

"This Man Is Hangin' Tonight"
In F# Major, Opus 218, 1995


For the "Timewalker" TV Series

"Theme From Timewalker"
In C Minor, Opus 192, 1992

Scores For Silent Movie

"Awakening Monster"
In C# Minor, Opus 219, 1995

"The Flame Is Gone"
In Db Major, Opus 220, 1995

"Escape From Despair"
In Db Major, Opus 221, 1995

"The Chase"
In C# Minor, Opus 222, 1995

"Melancholy Monster"
In C# Minor, Opus 223, 1995

"For Freedom's Sake"
In Db Major, Opus 224, 1995


"We're Gonna Get You There On Time"
In C Major, Opus 48, 1977

"The March of the States"
In C Major, Opus 75, 1977

"The Wedding Roll"
In Bb Major, Opus 63, 1978

"It Was A Short Funeral"
In D Major, Opus 67, 1983

"Shepherd's March"
In F# Minor, Opus 206, 1993


"Caledonian Fantasy"
In F# Major, Opus 193, 1992

"Promenade For A Merry Widow"
In G Major, Opus 194, 1992

"Down The Rapids Of A Tempestuous River"
In G Minor, Opus 195, 1992

"In A Carriage, Through A Meadow"
In F# Major, Opus 196, 1992

"Vienna Surprise"
In A Major, Opus 197, 1992

"Cross Country On An August Night"
In E Minor, Opus 198, 1992


"Arise in the Morning"
In G Major, Opus 226, 2004


Searching the Complete Opus Catalogue will provide
much more information on individual pieces
than can be found here in this minimal listing by type and category.

This grouping has been provided for the quick reference to any particular group of pieces,
such as in the musicals, opera, ballet, or lyrical singles.

The compositions here are listed by type and are grouped together,
with descriptive information attached.

Compositions from 1970 to 1983 are catalogued by opus number
"as they appear consecutively in bound music volumes or collections,"
whereas they may have actually been composed in a different chronological order.
All compositions from 1984 onward are issued opus numbers in the chronological order
in which they were completed, whereas that date is when the indexing was initiated.
Beginning with Opus 84, in 1984, the compositions follow each other chronologically.

The Works: (Not necessarily in this order)
8 Symphonies, 2 Piano Concertos, 2 Violin Concertos, 6 String Quartets,
11 Piano Sonatas, 1 Violin Sonata, 1 String Trio, 1 Quintet, 1 Sextet, 10 Waltzes,
1 Duet, 1 Complete Ballet, 1 Complete Opera, 1 Symphonic Suite, 5 Marches, 1 Tribute,
6 Solo Examinations of Instruments as Music Exercises,
3 Complete Musicals for the Stage,
27 Pieces for Solo Piano, 22 Pieces for Piano or Band,
45 Lyrical Works with Accompaniments outside of those already included in the stage works,
6 Folk Traditions, 9 Scores for Motion Picture or Television Scripts, 6 Silent Movie Scores,
6 Fantasies, 1 Chorale for Harpsichord, 1 Twelve-Tone Variation, and
3 Traditional Twelve Tone Compositions (Including String Quartet Number Six).

To Date: 231 Compositions

1970 to the Present Time

The Complete Opus Catalogue, besides including the title, sub-title, key choice,
opus number, and year of completion, also includes additional information not found here
such as length of a piece in pages, and in estimated time of play for performances, and
separate multiple arrangements or treatments.

This edition of the music file prepares all the works grouped together by type,
with pertinent information needed to identify the piece.
See the Complete Opus Catalogue for the other information.

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